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Patient Testimonials

Hip Resurfacing

About five years ago, I was experiencing some pain in my left hip, and also started to develop a little hitch in my get along! It reached the point in early 2008 where the pain was severe and it was 24/7. I also had difficulty even walking around the block. It was time to do something.

My GP recommend Dr. Hicks and I went to see him. I explained the symptoms and he examined the x-rays, and we concluded that I was a candidate for a hip replacement. He then asked me about my lifestyle and the quality of life I expected, and based on that, he went on to differentiate the differences between a full replacement and a resurfacing. Once I explained to Dr. Hicks that I was a sixty-one year old "natural athlete" and that I still play tennis, basketball, and other sports, as well as ride a Harley, we agreed to do the resurfacing.

It's now a year later, I play three to four sets of tennis in the Houston heat two times a week, and I walk 3 miles almost every day, and best of all, I have NO pain and NO limp! The surgery was tough, the recovery and rehab was tougher, especially for an old man, but the results were well worth it. Dr. Hicks did a great job.

—Ned M.

Knee Replacement

I had been affected with osteoarthritic knees for several years. I enjoy traveling with my husband, and gradually walking short distances of even two blocks, and standing to see sights and listening to tour guides, became quite painful.

When I first met Dr. Carl Hicks, his calm manner and honest assessment of what to expect from knee replacement surgery reassured me that I was doing the right thing and had chosen the right orthopedic surgeon. At each appointment, I had his full and undivided attention.

On a recent vacation, walking and standing were very comfortable, and my husband and I eagerly look forward to future trips. I am very grateful to Dr. Hicks and OST.

—Marilyn A.

Knee & Hip Replacement

Ronald, a retired mechanical engineer, came to Dr. Carl Hicks after being referred by another physician that could not help.

My knee was crushed in a car accident in '68. I put up with it for years, but eventually it hurt so badly I went to a specialist. He called it the worst case he'd ever seen and said he couldn't do a thing for me.

Then I went to Dr. Hicks and six weeks later he did my surgery. I was walking around like I'd never been hurt. So when my hip started hurting about two months later, I didn't wait around. Three weeks after my hip replacement, I was walking without a cane. I just can't say enough good things about him, because no one would believe how wonderful he is.

I was down at the deer camp one weekend with some older gentlemen complaining of aching joints and I told them, don't put it off, get right on it, because Dr. Hicks makes it easy and the results are great.

—Ronald S.